Complete Speech and Language Evaluations

We assess speech, language, and communication abilities to identify communication strengths and weaknesses and recommend goals for therapy. Parent interview, observation, and formal testing may be used to evaluate your child's speech and language development. With very young children, and those who do not respond well to formal testing, we use play-based and informal testing.

Individual Speech and Language Therapy

Individual speech and language therapy sessions are available for any type of communication difficulty. During therapy sessions, children are engaged in games and activities that are designed to teach specific communication skills. Therapy sessions are always fun and most times, children do not even know they are learning new skills! Since parents are active participants in their child's therapy program, they are encouraged to ask questions and to practice with their child at home between therapy sessions.

Social Skills Groups
Circle of Friends and Building Connections

We have groups for preschoolers through adults. Learn and practice social skills and have fun!

School/Agency Staffing

Speech Therapy Associates specializes in treating children of all ages who have speech and language needs. We are currently helping more than 10 school districts and agencies successfully solve their staffing issues by providing quality speech and language therapy. We help districts remain in compliance with Individual Education Plans and other IDEA requirements.

We are a Non-Public Agency with the State of California, ensuring that all of our therapists are licensed and certified.

For additional information on how the secure a contract with Speech Therapy Associates, including how to have screenings, evaluations, and therapy provided at your school or agency, please click here to email us or call (209) 334-0830.