Building Connections helps prepare young people for the challenges of becoming more independent and adjusting to the many changing social expectations throughout their lives.

The focus of the program is to develop the appropriate social thinking skills necessary to successfully participate in settings such as school, employment, and the community. Good social thinking skills help us to know what to say, how to make good choices, how to behave, and how to be flexible. Good social skills can have a positive influence on academic performance, behavior, social and family relationships, and in the workplace.

We address a variety of topics to increase appropriate social interaction in different settings:

  • Employment & Higher Education: applying for a job, the job interview, getting & keeping a job, taking college classes
  • Relationships: family, friends, and dating
  • Community: transportation, shopping, and leisure
  • Daily Living Skills: hygiene, money, and safety

We look forward to learning and growing with your child!

For more information please contact Speech Therapy Associates at (209) 334-0830 or register online.