• Have difficulty managing a social situation with peers?
  • Prefer to play in isolation?
  • Demonstrate difficulty asking and responding to questions?
  • Have difficulty communicating?
  • Use repetitive speech and play behaviors?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your child will benefit from our structured social language group, Circle of Friends.


Circle of Friends provides a stimulating and positive group experience for children with social communication needs. The program gives children the opportunity to build social and language skills that will help them initiate and maintain peer relationships. Each Circle of Friends group targets pragmatics skills such as turn-taking, asking & answering questions, understanding humor and non-verbal communication, and interacting appropriately in various social situations.

Our program helps children build confidence, gain acceptance, and develop long lasting friendships. We make communication experiences functional, positive, and fun!

Cathy White and Sara Peterson

Cathy White, center, and Sara Peterson, right, work with autistic students Sam Phillips, 13, left, and Trevor Davis, 15.
(Pam Bauserman/News-Sentinel)

For more information please contact Speech Therapy Associates at (209) 334-0830 or register online.